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  • Learn to Swim (LTS) Classes

  • Stroke Development (SD) Classes

  • Adult Classes (LTS & SD)

  • Moms/Dads & Toddler Classes

  • ...UPCOMING... STAFF TRAINING (SSI) Swim Schools International

  • DAN - First Aid Training (On-Site Dive Center)


Learn to swim (LTS)

Our LTS program duration is 20 minutes long and consists of 2 learners per class.



Fun and natural development of swimmers abilities.

Learning to love swimming and being in the water is the main priority.

Practice only makes perfect if you practice.

We will develop your swimming skills using a repeat and repetition program that is highly effective, by adding new skills once previous skills have been mastered. Once they are able to swim across the pool independently we will introduce stroke development for the different types of strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly).

We have had children as young as 2 years swim the full 9m independently!!!


  • 2 years to Adults
  • Various progression levels
  • Introduction to water
  • Basic water safety
  • Breathing
  • Basics Stroke Development
  • Basic skills & Floating
  • Water Confidence
  • Comfortable Submerging Under Water
  • Rolling Over
  • Independent Swimming
  • Diving (Entries & Exits)

stroke development (SD)

Our Stroke Development class duration is 20 minutes long. 

2 students per session to focus on individual training.


Fun and natural development of stroke techniques and adaption.

Learning to love stroke swimming.

Swimmers compete in water from +- 4/5 years of age...

In this program we focus on the development of the swimming strokes and other relevant aspects, for example the start positions and finishing form, various breathing techniques and many more. This is not a coaching class.! We teach strokes here so that the swimmer may progress to coaching classes and participate in galas. We teach all 4 strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) which allows the swimmer to develop their natural talents and favorite strokes throughout this process.

Practice only makes perfect if you practice.


  • Starting Position
  • Arm Rotation & Streamline
  • Leg Motion
  • Breathing Technique
  • Turn Rotation
  • Finishing Form
  • Starting Position
  • Arm Pull & Breathe Combination
  • Kick & Glide Technique
  • Arm & Kick Combination
  • Full Combination of Kick, Pull & Breath
  • Finishing Form
  • Starting Position
  • Arm Rotation
  • Leg Motion
  • Buoyancy & Streamline
  • Turn Rotation
  • Finishing Position
  • Start Position
  • Dolphin Kicks - Body suppleness
  • Arm Pull & Breathing Technique
  • Timing of Arm , Kick and Breath
  • Turn Rotation
  • Finishing Position 
adult classes (LTS & SD)

Our Adult classes have a 30 minutes duration and are structured individually for everyone according to their levels. 

A maximum of 2 adults per class.



Confidence in the Water & Yourself.

Buoyancy and Swim Style

Always remember: "Practice only makes perfect if you practice"!

It's never to late to learn how to swim. At first, being in the water may feel strange and unfamiliar. Swimming can be done for exercise benefits or just as a new life skill. We asses your water awareness and fitness level to construct a program to fit your end goal and level. 


  • Water Awareness & Safety
  • Buoyancy & Face Submersion 
  • Entries & Exits
  • Confidence in Stroke Development / Corrections
  • Streamlining
  • Arm Motions & Breathing Techniques
  • Kicking Technique
  • Fitness - Moderated according to your level and need
toddler classes (Mom&TOt'S)

Our Mom&Tot's classes consist of a 20 minute long session. 

Swimming is natural and should also be taught naturally.

During this session one parent will accompany the toddler, in doing so they also know what to practice in water when not at the facility.


Natural Introduction to Water & Submerging. 

Natural Introduction to Swimming. 

Water Awareness & Safety. 

The toddler program familiarizes the swimmer with water and develops his/her swimming skills, as well as water awareness, submerging and respect for the basics of this program. We use a repeat and repetition technique incorporated with lullaby's, that is highly effective in teaching swimming to start the introduction to Learn To Swim classes where more skills will be added when they are ready. These lessons are fundamental for a toddlers development in and out of the water.

Practice only makes perfect if you practice.

We add new skills once others have been mastered.


By 2021 we will have a few more programs as certifications for staff to be trained up as Instructors.

DAN image

Contact us for more info. These courses are run by the On-Site Scuba Dive Center, and have DAN (Divers Alert Network) qualified staff who strive to teach you all that is needed from Emergency First Responder (EFR), First Aid, CPR to Oxygen provider certifications, etc.


  • Swim Cap - All swimmers are required to wear swim caps.

  • Swim Towel - Please bring along your own towel.

  • Swim Googles - (Optional).

  • Swim Costume - Please ensure that you wear an appropriate swim costume.

  • Babies - MUST wear a Swim Diaper or Swim Nappy

COVID-19 ; Please refer to our Covid-19 letter for more details...

  • Own Mask, Own Sanitizer, Own Towel and Cap
  • No sharing will be allowed. All belongings to stay in allocated areas.


We offer various programs at our facility, all to aid our swimmers in their development in the water.

Swimming lessons for learners are 20 - 30 minutes long and take place  twice a week (Recommended for progression of levels) or once a week from Monday to Friday. We only have 2-3 learners per class to provide each child with the individual attention that they require. Stroke Development, Learn to Swim and Moms/Dads and Toddler classes run for 20 minutes and Adult classes run for 30 minutes.

Although we do offer a once a week option, twice a week produces quicker results and benefits the learner.

All our programs are "repeat and repetition" style. We have found that this method helps the swimmer to relax and enjoy the lessons. Each swimmer is treated as an individual and will progress at his/her own pace.